Virtual Creature Controller

Interactive Character Controller by Physics-Based Motion Planning in Real-Time


User-generated characters are supported

No pre-motion data is required, user-generated characters are controable. You can also use a character editor to make your character move on the fly.

motion data or prior learning are not required.

VCControlelr finds the motion in real time to achieve the goal as much as possible. However, the CPU load will be high.

Interactive characters

Users can throw a ball to a character, play various games such as soccer, table tennis and tennis. However, there is a delay of about 0.5 seconds to 1 second.

Controlling characters by changing their goals

If you have multiple goals in advance, you can change the importance of the goals in near real time. You can enjoy a variety of interactions.

Changeable parameters

Users can change physical parameters of the environment, such as gravity and water resistance in water, in near real time.

Modifiable body

Users can change parameters such as muscle strength and joint angle, connect organisms to each other, hide a part of an organism's body, or change the scale of the body in almost real time.

How to Use



Set up physical settings

Set up colliders, mass, joints, and so on for your character and environments.


Give the character goals

Combine objective functions, such as "Run to the position" or "Carry Objects".


Interact with the character

Change the character's behavior by changing its goals and parameters, or manipulate objects to interact with the character.


Can I use VCControlelr with Unity?

Yes. Outside of Unity, this controller can be accomplished by communicating physical data or Implementing this algorithm.

What kind of method is used?

I've implemented physics-based motion planning algorithm, an unpublished approach.

I'd like to try VCControlelr.

Please contact me via email.


Main Developer

CEO of Attructure Inc. Masayoshi
I've been developing artificial life simulators: "anlife" and artificial life observation project ARTILIFE at Dwango Co., Ltd. In the past, I created zombie motions as an individual activity and it was featured on TV in Japan. (movies)

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